Usage guidelines

  • The use of swimsuit or bikini is mandatory. You can bring your own or buy one at the reception.
  • Long hair should be caught. No cap is required.
  • It is mandatory to wear the shoes provided during the entire time you are inside the enclosure.
  • It is convenient to arrive about 10 minutes before your scheduled reservation time. Once your shift has started, it is not possible to make up unused time.
  • You are not allowed to bring food or drinks from outside.
  • No animals are allowed.
  • Showering is mandatory before entering the pools and after massage if re-entering the pools.


To access the space, do I have to book?

We recommend that you schedule in advance. Since we work exclusively, it is best to schedule in advance to ensure that you have the desired time available.

May I cancel or change my reservation?

Cancellations or changes to reservations can be made up to a maximum of 48 hours before the reservation date. If you have a reservation for a group of more than 6 people, the advance notice is 5 days.

After this deadline, it will not be possible to change or cancel your reservation and be reimbursed, since the use of our space in exclusivity mode makes other bookings impossible.

In the course of my experience how many more people will be in the space?

Only the people who accompany her. The space is dedicated to her in exclusivity mode.

Does the experience I booked include access to the pools?

Yes, all our experiences include access to the Roman bath circuit.

At what point will I receive my massage and/or tasting?

You will be called when it is time to move on to the massage or tasting area. We usually recommend starting the Experience with the Roman bath circuit, followed by the massage, and ending with the massage if you have a tasting. If you prefer another sequence, please inform the reservations department.

Can children use the space?

Yes, from the age of 6, as long as they are accompanied by adults.

I am pregnant, can I enjoy a Massage?

Yes, starting at 3 months of pregnancy, but we recommend that you ask your doctor.

A massage will be done on the legs.

What does the Roman Baths offer?

One towel and one robe per person will be provided, as well as appropriate footwear to wear throughout the experience. You will also have a locker where you can keep your personal belongings, and the key must remain with you throughout the experience. Shampoo and shower gel will be left at your disposal in the lockers. If you need it, ask the reception for a hair dryer or any other personal hygiene product you may have forgotten.

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Is there any way to offer an experience?

Yes, there are different ways to purchase any of our experiences in Voucher format.

If you purchase the Voucher through our website, you will receive by email the voucher in PDF format that you can download and print whenever you want.

At our reception you can also acquire the voucher with the desired experience, in this case in physical format.

In either format you will see the experience acquired but not the price. The validity of vouchers will always be 1 year from the date of purchase. We advise that whoever receives the voucher should book the experience in due time, choosing the day and time they want, so that the voucher does not lose its validity.

No money will be refunded if you lose your voucher (which should be handed in at the reception when you book or on the day of the experience). There will also be no refund if the validity has expired. If you do not wish to enjoy the experience you have been offered, you may exchange it for another one of our experiences, provided it is of equal or greater value (in which case you will pay the difference). Under no circumstances will money be refunded after the voucher has been purchased.

Please note that if your voucher is lost or misplaced you will not be able to enjoy the experience.

How can I book?

You can make your reservation in one of the following ways:

Through our phone numbers 966 710 360 or 266 048 958; by passing directly at our reception - rua do imaginário nº11 or by email:

If you prefer, on our website you have a form that you should fill in with your details, experience, date and time desired and our reservations department will contact you to confirm availability or suggest alternatives and complete the reservation.

We are also available to clarify any doubts by Messenger or WhatsApp 966 710 360.

What are the working hours of the space?

We are open daily from 10/22h, and Friday and Saturday we are open from 10/23h.

Where to store my personal objects?

We have a locker for you, which you should lock up and keep with you during the experience (we recommend that you wear the bracelet with the key on your wrist). This space is reserved exclusively for you for the duration of the experience, so you can leave your clothes hanging in the locker room if you wish.

How do I get to the Roman Baths?

We are located in the historic center of Évora, in the imaginary street nº11, behind the church of Sto. Antão, between the Giraldo square and Luís de Camões square. If you come by car, there are parking lots in the garden in front of Garcia de Resende Theater and in the back of the Theater. We are about 5 minutes walk from these parks.

What services can I choose?

On our website you can find the description of the different experiences, in all of them the Roman baths circuit is included. You can choose the circuit adding a relaxing massage, exfoliation, hot stones among others. To finish on a high note, add our tasting where you can taste some regional products accompanied by a good Alentejo wine (we call your attention that our tasting is not always the same, we try to use regional and seasonal products). If you have any dietary restrictions you must mention them when making the reservation. Children will have juice to accompany the tasting.

Em todas as experiências temos um chá relaxante à sua disposição, poderá solicitá-lo indicando a sua preferência por quente ou frio.

Can I choose the masseur (male or female)?

All of our masseurs are qualified to provide you with the massage you have chosen in the experience. All of them will be available to provide you with a unique moment during your massage time. If you have any preferences you must indicate them when you make your reservation. We will do everything possible to make it to your liking but the choice of masseur still depends on several factors within our organization.

Can I take pictures of the space during my experience?

During the period of your experience, the space is exclusively for you, you can take pictures that remind you of this pleasant moment.

I received a gift voucher, how should I proceed?

You should contact our reservations department through our phone numbers 966 710 360 or 266 048 958; by going directly to our reception - rua do imaginário nº11 or by e-mail:

Se preferir, a nossa página web tem um formulário que deve preencher com os seus dados, experiência, data e hora pretendidas e o nosso departamento de reservas entrará em contacto consigo para confirmar a disponibilidade ou sugerir alternativas e concluir a reserva.

Estamos ainda disponíveis para esclarecer qualquer dúvida por Messenger ou WhatsApp 966 710 360. Quando nos contactar deve referir o número que tem escrito no voucher, será esse número que permite confirmar a experiência recebida.

Relembramos que não será devolvido qualquer valor caso perca o voucher (que deve ser entregue na receção quando marca ou no dia da experiência). Também não será devolvido qualquer valor caso a validade tenha expirado. Se não pretende usufruir da experiência que lhe ofereceram pode trocar por outra das nossas experiências, desde que de valor igual ou superior (pagando, neste caso, a diferença). Em nenhum caso será devolvido dinheiro após a aquisição do voucher.

Tenha em atenção que em caso de perda ou extravio do voucher não poderá usufruir da experiência.

FI made a reservation, do I need to pay in advance?

When you make your reservation at the counter you must pay at the time, this is the only way we can ensure the desired date and time. If the reservation is made by phone or e-mail, you must pay up to 12 hours after receiving the codes for payment, otherwise your reservation will not be validated. Alternatively, you can leave your credit card details for us to validate the reservation and then pay by card or cash at the counter.

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